Knight’s Song pt.2

     On the road, the knight sang to pass the time. Where he was going, he was passing a neighboring kingdom. In that kingdom was a princess and at the time the knight was passing by; the princess was at her window, and could hear the knight sing. The song that the knight sang was magical to the princess, even if it was a simple traveling song. The way the knight sang such a simple sang in such a whimsical way made the princess want to hear more. By then, the knight was slowly getting out of hearing distance and in desperation the princess rushed to the king and asked for a search for the musical man that passed by, at the time she did not know that he was a knight. The searched started and men all around came to see if they were the musical man she seeks. They also came because they heard the rumors of her beauty and her lovely voice. Each of the men that came to sing to the princess, were sent away because they weren’t her musical man. She slowly started losing hope that she would ever find her musical man.

      One day a wizard came….. 


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